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“No Hook 2 Lyrics” by Key Glock is an English song that resonates with the human experience. Immerse yourself in the heartfelt lyrics written by Key Glock & King Wonka and the melodious music produced by King Wonka. The original song name is “No Hook 2” and in this post, we’ll take a closer look at the lyrics of the song

No Hook 2 Lyrics

(Get the bag, King Wonka)

Yeah, whole ‘lotta everything (Whole ‘lotta everything)
Pinky ring look like a wedding ring (Yeah)
Ridin’ that McLaren Spider, smokin’ on that Mary Jane (Fah)
FN no Fendi belt, I put it on your membrane (Fah, fah, fah, fah, fah, fah)
My lil’ n^^gas insane (Yeah), them lil’ n^^gas loco (Crazy)
Glizzlock got ten watches (Ten watches, yeah), you better watch your ho, bro (Watch her)
B^^ch, I’m back to ballin’ (Ballin’), but trickin’ is a no-no (No)
Don’t spin with your phone on you (Phew), n^^ga, that’s a no-go (No)
I got water on water, tryna hold my breath (Yup)
Money talks and it seems to me that these n^^gas deaf (Yup)
This b^^ch got a fat a^^, I ask Glizzlock for some help (Yup)
The way I beat that p^^sy up (Ha, ha), I need a championship belt (Yup)
I’m tired of waitin’ on my killers, ’bout to do it myself (Yeah)
And if Glizop Klay, then I guess I’m Steph (Fah, fah)
Ayy, I been swimmin’ through the money all day (Phew, phew), gettin’ reps (Phew, phew)
Yeah, they say that life’s hard, I’m fascinated with death (Uh)
Ayy, I just put this lil’ bad b^^ch back on the shelf
My left wrist look like glass, never touch crystal meth’ (Uh)
These n^^gas need to get a badge, n^^gas twelve as hell (Yup)
They be like, “Glizzlock, how you know?” It ain’t hard to tell (No)
My lil’ n^^ga tryna slide, Derek Jeter (Derek Jeter, fah)
Pull the trigger (Ha, ha), let it sing, Justin Bieber (Justin Bieber, fah)
My name hot, but I still keep that heater (Fah, fah, yeah-yeah)
I’m ballin’, n^^ga, sit yo’ a^^ up in them bleachers (Sit down)
You know my name, b^^ch, and I keep some lethal (Fah)
Rap just like Jeepers Creepers, totin’ switches like they legal (Grrah)
Getting away them leeches (Fah), made an M just off of features (Yeah)
Skinny-a^^ n^^ga, but my pockets fat like Peter (Griffin)

You dig?

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Song Info

Song NameNo Hook 2
Band/SingerKey Glock
Album/Track onGlocktober
Written ByKey Glock & King Wonka
Music Produced ByKing Wonka
Music LabelPaper Route Empire
Featuring ArtistKey Glock
Release DateOctober 12, 2023

About Key Glock

Key Glock is a renowned figure in Pop Music, celebrated for the unique style and themes in songs. With a career marked by creativity and emotional depth, the artist has captured the hearts of music lovers and fans worldwide.


Who is the singer or vocalist of the song “No Hook 2”?
The song was sung by Key Glock.

Who wrote “No Hook 2” Lyrics?
Key Glock & King Wonka are the credited songwriters of the song.

Who produced “No Hook 2” by Key Glock?
The music and the song is produced by King Wonka.

When was the song “No Hook 2” officially released by Key Glock?
The song was officially released on October 12, 2023.

Additional Information

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Release Date: October 12, 2023
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In conclusion, the song No Hook 2 by Key Glock beautifully captures the spirit of English music, expressing emotions and telling stories in a way that truly connects with people. It reminds us of how music has a special power to create bonds and stir deep emotions.

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