Happy Birthday Billie Hepatitis Lyrics

Happy Birthday Billie Hepatitis: The song is sung by Hepatitis Bud. “Happy Birthday Billie Hepatitis Lyrics“ Li^^y li^^y li^^y, let me l^^k your bre^^sHappy birthday put my d^^k to restBillie Eilish, you know I hate the bi^^hBut I see your t^^s, how ’bout you have my kidsI like to skull f^^k, and degrade the bi^^hLemme … Read more

This Is My Part Nobody Else Speak Lyrics

This Is My Part Nobody Else Speak: The song name is Ultralight Beam which is sung by Kanye West. “This Is My Part Nobody Else Speak Lyrics“ [Intro: Samoria Green & Natalie Green](Yes, God)We don’t want no devils in the house, God (Yes, Lord)We want the lord (Yes, Jesus)And that’s it (Yes, God)Hallej- hand over … Read more