Starlets Lyrics – Giggs feat. Dave East

“Starlets Lyrics” by Giggs feat. Dave East is an English song that resonates with the human experience. Immerse yourself in the heartfelt lyrics written by Dave East, Giggs, Taj Fleming & Motif Alumni and the melodious music produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League & Motif Alumni. The original song name is “Starlets” and in this post, we’ll take a closer look at the lyrics of the song

Starlets Lyrics

[Intro: Dave East]
Uh (Uh)
Let me see it

[Verse 1: Dave East]
Guarantee it, you ain’t met a n^^ga like me (Nah)
Everything in check, feel like a Nike
A lot of n^^gas don’t like me (I know)
I got the seasoning, I kept it spicy (Spicy)
Used to deal fishes like a Pisces (Uh)
Neck and wrist frozen like an ICEE
Patek on me now, but I remember thinking brightly
All up in the ear, I’m ’bout to bite it like I’m Tyson
The way I came up, was triflin’
Street fightin’ like I was M. Bison
I got more nervous when n^^gas start gettin’ indicted
Pablo and Giggs, Harlem to London, I bet you they want it (Bet)
Take me out my clothes, ma, I got the hood on my stomach, uh
Throwing gang signs, but nominated for some GRAMMYs
Pistol at my b^^ch T crib, her name was Tammy
Art Basel in my living room, ain’t do Miami
Tellin’ her what I like, ain’t got nothin’ to do with Sammy (I like)
If I hit it right, I guarantee you she gon’ stamp me
Postal, international this vibe is global (Global)
Tell me what you want from me, I feel like Ma$e and Total
Giggs my brother in private, ain’t got to make it social
Most these n^^gas only want pictures so they can post you

[Chorus: Giggs]
Smoking in my garden with Dave East
They know we up in Harlem (In Harlem)
And if I put a work in I, pray
Broken a commandment
They know we gon’ protect s^^t, straight
They know we gonna guard it (Yeah)
And if it was a harbour (A harbour)
I’m throwing them in Starlet

[Verse 2: Giggs]
I wear my watch on my right
I can make the call and n^^gas droppin’ by night
Standin’ in the corner, n^^ga (Corner, n^^ga)
Can’t even afford to let them cross a man’s sight (Nah)
I just made an order and she’s on the next flight
Don’t worry what I bought her n^^ga (What I bought her, n^^ga)
Man, forget the mortgage, n^^ga, I’ma just buy it (Yeah)
Even if it doesn’t happen, I’ma just try (Just try)
Listen (Yeah)
She sent a couple teasers, I flew her in
And put her in the Regis (Haha)
You wouldn’t have believed it, she’s dirty
We’ve got a good agreement (Chee)
And n^^gas out here growing up, they call me Gandalf
They know how we’re goin’ out, it’s a stand-off (It’s a stand-off)
Yeah, the love is endless, it’s Luther Vandross (Vandross)
Keep your hands off (Yeah, hands off)

[Chorus: Giggs]
Smoking in my garden with Dave East
They know we up in Harlem (In Harlem)
And if I put a work in I, pray
Broken a commandment
They know we gon’ protect s^^t, straight
They know we gonna guard it (We gonna guard it)
And if it was a harbour (Harbour)
I’m throwing them in Starlets

[Outro: Dave East]
JFK to Heathrow
Commercial or it’s private
I’m the hottest on the East Coast
Jewelry lookin’ like the ski slopes on a speedboat
Brief low, it’s gas in here
Mami shakin’ a^^, we laughin’, a lot of cash in her
Giggs that’s my bruv from the mud
Cameras flashin’ when they catch us in the club, it’s all love, my n^^ga
I’m on the way to London, my n^^ga
Make sure you get me right
I need, I need some Nando’s or somethin’, you know what I mean?
Or five, five-piece chicken wing
Somethin’ light
Harlem, Peckham, Giggs, my n^^ga

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Song Info

Song NameStarlets
Album/Track onZero Tolerance
Written ByDave East, Giggs, Taj Fleming & Motif Alumni
Music Produced ByJ.U.S.T.I.C.E. League & Motif Alumni
Music LabelGiggs
Featuring ArtistDave East
Release DateAugust 18, 2023

About Giggs

Giggs is a renowned figure in Pop Music, celebrated for the unique style and themes in songs. With a career marked by creativity and emotional depth, the artist has captured the hearts of music lovers and fans worldwide.


Who is the singer or vocalist of the song “Starlets”?
The song was sung by Giggs feat. Dave East.

Who wrote “Starlets” Lyrics?
Dave East, Giggs, Taj Fleming & Motif Alumni are the credited songwriters of the song.

Who produced “Starlets” by Giggs?
The music and the song is produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League & Motif Alumni.

When was the song “Starlets” officially released by Giggs?
The song was officially released on August 18, 2023.

Additional Information

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Release Date: August 18, 2023
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In conclusion, the song Starlets by Giggs feat. Dave East beautifully captures the spirit of English music, expressing emotions and telling stories in a way that truly connects with people. It reminds us of how music has a special power to create bonds and stir deep emotions.

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