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“Wrong Lyrics” by YoungBoy Never Broke Again is an English song that resonates with the human experience. Immerse yourself in the heartfelt lyrics written by YoungBoy Never Broke Again, D-Roc, Dissan & JBTheDon and the melodious music produced by D-Roc, Dissan, JBTheDon & BJondatrakk. The original song name is “Wrong” and in this post, we’ll take a closer look at the lyrics of the song

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Wrong Lyrics


[Verse 1]
Look, shot the s^^t, just me and Ten
Shorty house, my big sister kid
Started off, I was broke as f^^k
Now I came up and I’m millions in
Shorty whole world f^^ked up, he need all ends
F^^k a n^^ga whole world up, take his soul then
You love me? B^^ch, you a f^^kin’ lie
Treated me bad once, you won me over and I don’t know why
Give it one more chance, I tried, I tried
When grandma died, along my soul died
I’m a lonely child, now just tell me I ain’t s^^t

I know
That it gotta be something wrong
Maybe I showed
That I don’t need them around

[Verse 2]
F^^ked up, wish I could call Rich
F^^k that, I don’t know who my friend
N^^gas been cliquin’ up with n^^gas like they want it with me
All on my s^^t when I’m around, I got choppers in
And you ain’t safe, b^^ch, no, I don’t play, b^^ch
I take this cutter and cut up and shoot you in your f^^kin’ face, b^^ch
N^^gas ain’t been playin’ ’bout s^^t, when I cry, you won’t try again
I ain’t got no purpose, so I’m gon’ cut up for Big Dump, b^^ch
We see the enemy, then we dump, dope in my speakers and the trunk, b^^ch
And ain’t no scorin’, it’s just for one
This for my youngins who see trucks and they run
This for that youngin had to take his partner life behind a gun
This for my mama and that trauma and that time that I done spent
Spinnin’ on you b^^ch n^^gas and livin’ like a rich n^^ga
KD can’t walk, wish I could sit with him or f^^k a b^^ch with him
She eat his d^^k behind and I kill her, my clique too official
Eighty things, no girl, it be all boy, serve it like that raw hard
I can’t wait ’til Meech come home so he can get right back in charge
I’ll buy that b^^ch new Chanel and a Rolls-Royce
If I grab that stick, I cause hell and it’s over
And I’m dumb as s^^t, I done fell for this girl, God
I looked at my n^^ga Rich, he can tell
Slime gettin’ high ’til I think I’m in heaven
‘Cause everyone ’round do not fit me in hell
Hold up, that b^^ch don’t want you, you gon’ trap her
I been locked inside the stu’ like a trap
If we catch one of these rappers, we gon’ wrap them
Seen that lil’ boy, when I came home, I got after
You stupid b^^ch, Nike make you run way faster, should’ve had some
Now that’s what you get from tryna take the title off of my drum
I was fumblin’ with that chopper, I swung through, they said I had one
And my daddy gettin’ on my a^^ ’cause he say we could’ve just sent one
Hall of fame of manipulation in interrogation room
This s^^t we goin’ through’ll make you choose and wanna break the broom
After all that I been through, it make you choose, I ain’t got faith in you
They laugh, but I ain’t cool when I abuse, feel like I break the room
We argue as we feud, sometimes I just plan on shakin’ you
Battin’ you and just handlin’ you, turn you ’round and just do what I do
When I come through, I’ll make a body fall
When I come through, lookin’ out for all of y’all

Song Info

Song NameWrong
Band/SingerYoungBoy Never Broke Again
Album/Track onDecided 2
Written ByYoungBoy Never Broke Again, D-Roc, Dissan & JBTheDon
Music Produced ByD-Roc, Dissan, JBTheDon & BJondatrakk
Music LabelNever Broke Again & Motown Records
Featuring ArtistYoungBoy Never Broke Again
Release DateNovember 10, 2023

About YoungBoy Never Broke Again

YoungBoy Never Broke Again is a renowned figure in Pop Music, celebrated for the unique style and themes in songs. With a career marked by creativity and emotional depth, the artist has captured the hearts of music lovers and fans worldwide.


What is Wrong Song Name?
The name of the song is Wrong.

Who is the singer or vocalist of the song “Wrong”?
The song was sung by YoungBoy Never Broke Again.

Who wrote “Wrong” Lyrics?
YoungBoy Never Broke Again, D-Roc, Dissan & JBTheDon are the credited songwriters of the song.

Who produced “Wrong” by YoungBoy Never Broke Again?
The music and the song is produced by D-Roc, Dissan, JBTheDon & BJondatrakk.

When was the song “Wrong” officially released by YoungBoy Never Broke Again?
The song was officially released on November 10, 2023.

Additional Information

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Release Date: November 10, 2023
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In conclusion, the song Wrong by YoungBoy Never Broke Again beautifully captures the spirit of English music, expressing emotions and telling stories in a way that truly connects with people. It reminds us of how music has a special power to create bonds and stir deep emotions.

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