UNWRITTEN Lyrics – Natasha Beningfield

Unwritten Song: The song is sung by Natasha Beningfield. “Unwritten Lyrics” I am unwritten, can’t read my mindI’m undefinedI’m just beginning, the pen’s in my handEnding unplanned Staring at the blank page before youOpen up the dirty windowLet the sun illuminate the words that you could not find Reaching for something in the distanceSo close … Read more


Patience Song: The song is sung by KSI, YUNGBLUD & Polo G. “Patience Lyrics” [Intro: KSI & Polo G]I need a little bit of patience‘Cause we been goin’ through changesUh, uh [Verse 1: Polo G]No patience, I’ve had enoughSpent too much time through this phase, it’s just not addin’ upFelt all alone on the stage, … Read more

DAYWALKER! Lyrics – Machine Gun Kelly

Daywalker! Song: The song is sung by Machine Gun Kelly. “Daywalker! Lyrics” [Verse 1: Machine Gun Kelly]Punch that motherfucker in the faceYou hated what he said, right?Beat his ass, leave him at the stoplightI know you wanted change, but nobody’s aroundSo, kick him again while he’s on the ground, yoI’ll never be the sameI wanna … Read more

GONE Lyrics – Rose (Blackpink)

Gone Song: The song is sung by Rose, a member of Blackpink. “Gone Lyrics“ [Verse 1]I thought that you’d remember, but it seems that you forgotIt’s hard for me to blame you when you were already lostOh, yeahI’m tired of always waitingOh, yeah, yeahI see you changed your number, that’s why you don’t get my … Read more

ON THE GROUND Lyrics – Rose (Blackpink)

On The Ground Song: The song is sung by Rose, a member of BLACKPINK. “On The Ground Lyrics“ [Verse 1]My life’s been magic, seems fantasticI used to have a hole in the wall with a mattressFunny when you want it, suddenly you have itYou find out that your gold’s just plastic [Pre-Chorus]Every day, every nightI’ve … Read more

CUTTHROAT Lyrics – Imagine Dragons

Cutthroat Song: The song is sung by Imagine Dragons. “Cutthroat Lyrics” [Verse 1]I’ve been waiting patientlyI built this tower quietlyAnd when my well of Wellbutrin isRunning dry of serotoninI can say things I don’t meanOr maybe it’s the truth in meI feel it building, bubbling upMy tick tick time is up [Chorus]I’m so (Mis) misunderstood … Read more

FOLLOW YOU Lyrics – Imagine Dragons

Follow You Song: The song is sung by Imagine Dragons. “Follow You Lyrics” [Verse 1]You know I got your number, number all nightI’m always on your team, I got your back, all rightTaking those, taking those glasses if it treats you rightI wanna put you into the spotlight [Pre-Chorus]If the world would only know what … Read more

LOST Lyrics – NF

Lost Song: The song is sung by NF & Hopsin. “Lost Lyrics” [Verse 1: NF]LookSelf-awareness, pride’s a coat and yes, I like to wear itButtoned up, don’t like to let no air inWith a pair of gloves, that I hope doesn’t perishI discovered, though, when I get holes in ’em and I let joy in, … Read more

FIRST TIME Lyrics – ILLENIUM & iann dior

First Time Song: The song is sung by ILLENIUM & iann dior. “First Time Lyrics” [Chorus]I know that we haven’t metBut I know your vibeAre we skipping a step?‘Cause I really don’t mindIt’s like you’ve been in my bedA couple thousand timesNow we’re at it again, we’re at it againFor the very first time [Verse 1]Hello strangerI don’t know … Read more

I HEAR A SYMPHONY Lyrics – Cody Fry

I Hear A Symphony Song: The song is sung by Cody Fry. “I Hear A Symphony Lyrics” I used to hear a simple songThat was until you came alongNow in its place is something newI hear it when I look at you With simple songs, I wanted morePerfection is so quick to boreYou are my … Read more