Beatbox Freestyle Song: The song is sung by DaBaby. “Beatbox Freestyle Lyrics“ [Intro]Best motherf^^kin’ rapper, n^^ga, this Baby, n^^gaLet’s go [Verse]Ready to get it started, n^^ga (Go)Whenever you want it, I was the man with the plan since a shawtyPull up to the Grammy Awards with my .40She told me she like how I’m dressin’ … Read more

MOTIVE Lyrics ⭐ – Ariana Grande

Motive Song: The song is sung by Ariana Grande & Doja Cat. “Motive Lyrics“ Tell me why I get this feelingThat you really wanna turn me onTell me why I get this feelingThat you really wanna make me yours ‘Cause I see you tryingSubliminally tryingTo see if I’m gon’ be the one that’s in your … Read more

POSITIONS Lyrics ⭐ – Ariana Grande

Positions Song: The song is sung by Ariana Grande. “Positions Lyrics“ Heaven sent you to meI’m just hoping I don’t repeat history Boy I’m tryna meet your mamaOn a SundayThen make a lotta loveOn a Monday (Ah, ah)Never need no (No)No one else, babe‘Cause I’ll be Switching the positions for youCooking in the kitchen and … Read more

JUST LIKE MAGIC Lyrics ⭐ – Ariana Grande

Just Like Magic Song: The song is sung by Ariana Grande. “Just Like Magic Lyrics“ Wake up in my bedI just wanna have a good dayThinking in my headThen it happens how it should, aye Twelve o’ clock I got a team meetingThen a meditation at like one thirtyThen I ride to the studioListening to … Read more

THE STAR SPANGLED BANNER Lyrics – National Anthem

The Star Spangled Banner Song: The song name is the National Anthem of the USA. “The Star Spangled Banner Lyrics“ O say can you see, by the dawn’s early light,What so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming,Whose broad stripes and bright stars through the perilous fightO’er the ramparts we watch’d were so gallantly … Read more


Good Days Song: The song is sung by SZA. “Good Days Lyrics“ Good day in my mind, safe to take a step outGet some air now, let your edge outToo soon, I spoke, you be heavy in my mindCan you get the heck out?I need rest now, got me bummed outYou so, you so, you, … Read more

BAD MEDICINE Lyrics – Bon Jovi

Bad Medicine Song: The song is sung by Bon Jovi. “Bon Jovi Bad Medicine Lyrics“ Your love is like bad medicineBad medicine is what I needShake it up, just like bad medicineThere ain’t no doctor that can cure my disease (Bad medicine) I ain’t got a fever got a permanent diseaseAnd it’ll take more than … Read more