I Can’t Let You Go Lyrics – Ali Gatie

I Can’t Let You Go Song: The song is sung by Ali Gatie.

“I Can’t Let You Go Lyrics”

I can’t let you go
Trust me I’ve been trying
And I swear I am still trying to know
How to move on?

If somebody told me
I still wouldn’t know where to go
I’d follow the stars

Wish I could see them
The sky feels so dark when you’re gone
I’d follow my heart

But you took it with you
The day you walked out of that door
No, I can’t pretend
That you & I had never met (no, no, no)

If moving in means I should forget
Then even if I could I wouldn’t
No matter what the price is I would pay
Don’t matter if I should or shouldn’t
I wouldn’t ever give up anyway

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