Beatbox Freestyle Song: The song is sung by DaBaby.

“Beatbox Freestyle Lyrics

Best motherf^^kin’ rapper, n^^ga, this Baby, n^^ga
Let’s go

Ready to get it started, n^^ga (Go)
Whenever you want it, I was the man with the plan since a shawty
Pull up to the Grammy Awards with my .40
She told me she like how I’m dressin’ and I ain’t eatin’ no salad (Uh-huh)
Stevie Wonder can see that I’m havin’
I told her, “Be patient,” she waited
I gave her the d^^k, she walked out doin’ the “Beat Box Challenge”
Like yeah, get in there, baby (Gеt in there)
You know me, hit you anywhеre, baby (Let’s go)
Know she gon’ do whatever I say, I can piss in the club, call it lemonade, baby
Let that bih off, I’m a renegade, baby
I’ma get outta there, I ain’t feelin’ that (Huh?)
n^^ga run up on me with a cellphone out, he gon’ f^^k around, die on the internet (Duh-duh-duh-duh)
f^^k it, kill him on IG Live, let the whole world see the n^^ga die (Die)
Yeah, shout-out to SpotEm’, we got ’em (Get down)
Even though he a rapper, he shot him
I get this big pretty-a^s smile from my mama (Cheese)
Get this motherf^^kin’ voice from my daddy
I learned how to pimp on them hoes from my uncle (Pimp, pimp)
Let her suck on my toes ’cause I’m nasty (Okay)
Like f^^k it, she asked me to do it
Play with me, I’ma actually shoot you
Most of these n^^gas be cap and we knew it
These n^^gas drop Sh^t and we laugh at they music
I know how to murder these n^^gas with kindness
f^^kin’ they bih from the back, how I do it
I buy a Cuban and fill it with diamonds
Send my assistant to pick up some condoms
Instagram model at the hotel textin’ me now, want me to give her the Johnson
Damn, that n^^ga Baby on fire and it won’t go out, they know that lil’ n^^ga’s a problem
Got a big .45 on decock (Go)
Usin’ big words like I’m T.I. (Turn up)
Don’t wanna get me started, n^^ga
Turn me up, n^^gas gon’ see why
n^^ga, you a bih, JoJo Siwa (bih)
You let the wrong n^^ga get rich
Both of these chains on my neck, they compete with each other
They fightin’ and throwin’ a fit
Know how these hoes like to argue and beef with each other
She fightin’ now, over the d^^k
You should already know you ain’t searchin’ DaBaby
‘Cause that n^^ga like to come in with the stick
I don’t like to get into the mix (No), I done got paid in full, my n^^ga
I get them hoes like I’m Mitch, even got white people all on my d^^k (Go)
Yeah, second year, six-time Grammy-nominated
Came through turnt up, everybody hated
Before I had my first M, it was Billion Dollar Baby
He bet the house and hisself like Las Vegas (Go)
You want the Sh^t, gotta earn it
He off the leash, he don’t think he can get murdered
Know how to swim, so I f^^k with who f^^kin’ with me
I take a bridge and I burn it
Let me see if you can swim, lil’ n^^ga
Sh^t gettin’ out of hand, I just parked a new Benz
Hopped in a new Benz, lil’ n^^ga (Let’s go), and Ion’t want new friends

(That ain’t DaBaby, that’s my baby)
Yeah, yeah, they say they want that old Sh^t back, you know (Said that, make that, stand on that)
I told ’em, don’t get me started, n^^ga
They say they want that Baby Jesus, put me in that mode (Yeah, get that Baby Jesus)
You know, I’m tryna enjoy this bread (Go)
You know, be fancy and Sh^t, be mainstream and Sh^t, you know, you know? (Fasho)
They said I went commercial, like I still won’t come up off the hip and hurt you
bih-a^s n^^ga
Aight, man, it’s 6:55 in the mornin’, man, Sh^t

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