AMARI Lyrics – J Cole

About the Song: The song is sung by J. Cole. “Amari Lyrics” J. Cole [Intro]Bada-ba, bada-baBada-ba, da-daOff-SeasonLet’s work, hey [Chorus]Plottin’ my escape, this game ride a nigga’s faithGot a couple M’s hidin’ in the safeImagination turned a Honda into WraithI was doin’ eighty on the interstateTryna make it back before my class startedCountry nigga never … Read more

95 SOUTH Lyrics – J Cole

About the Song: The song is sung by J. Cole. “95 South Lyrics” J. Cole Fixing [Intro: Cam’ron & J. Cole]Killa, it’s The Off-SeasonLet’s keep it tall, y’all ain’t fuckin’ with my manAnd don’t check your watch, you know the timeCole World, Killa Cam, niggas is fuckin’ finished (Yeah) [Verse 1: J. Cole]This shit too … Read more

JAVARI Lyrics – J Cole

About the Song: The song is sung by J. Cole. “Javari Lyrics” J. Cole [Intro]Baby, something I been feeling in the depths of my heartHmmVari, VariYeahYeah, uh [Verse 1]God is real and he usin’ me for a bigger purposeSo fuck the world that would have you think that a nigga worthlessSometimes I think that these … Read more

BUILD A BITCH Lyrics – Bella Poarch

About the Song: The song is sung by Bella Poarch. “Build A Bitch Lyrics” Bella Poarch [Chorus]This ain’t Build-A-Bitch (A bitch)You don’t get to pick and chooseDifferent ass and bigger boobsIf my eyes are brown or blueThis ain’t Build-A-Bitch (A bitch)I’m filled with flaws and attitudeSo if you need perfect, I’m not built for you … Read more

BUST YOUR KNEECAPS Lyrics – Pomplamoose

About the Song: The song title is Bust Your Knee Caps which is sung by Pomplamoose. “Bust Your Kneecaps Lyrics” [Verse 1]Johnny, don’t leave meYou said you’d love me foreverHoney, believe meI’ll have your heart on a platter [Pre-Chorus 1]Might you recall?We’ve got a small family business (business)And the family won’t like this [Chorus]They’ll bust … Read more

GOOD 4 U Lyrics – Olivia Rodrigo

About the Song: The song is sung by Olivia Rodrigo, released under the album “SOUR”. “Good 4 U Lyrics” Olivia Rodrigo [Intro]Ah [Verse 1]Well, good for you, I guess you moved on really easilyYou found a new girl and it only took a couple weeksRemember when you said that you wanted to give me the … Read more

HIS & HERS Lyrics – Internet Money

About the Song: The song is sung by Internet Money ft. Don Toliver, Lil Uzi Vert & Gunna. “His & Hers Lyrics” [Intro: Don Toliver]Ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, ooh-ooh, oohOoh-ooh, ooh-ooh, oohYeah, yeah, yeah (Ooh) [Chorus: Don Toliver]Baby, hit that back and burpThen pour a four of purp’We got his and hersToolie in that BirkinClose the window … Read more

Happy Birthday Billie Hepatitis Lyrics

Happy Birthday Billie Hepatitis: The song is sung by Hepatitis Bud. “Happy Birthday Billie Hepatitis Lyrics“ Li^^y li^^y li^^y, let me l^^k your bre^^sHappy birthday put my d^^k to restBillie Eilish, you know I hate the bi^^hBut I see your t^^s, how ’bout you have my kidsI like to skull f^^k, and degrade the bi^^hLemme … Read more